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Guide to Greenville, South Carolina
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Photos from Around Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina Lakes, Fishing Spots, and Bodies of Water

Lake Jocassee - 7,650 Acres  
Lake Jocassee is a man-made lake built by Duke Power Company for power production.  It was built in 1973 along with Lake Keowee, its sister lake, as part of the Keowee-Toxaway project.  The dam on Lake Jocassee, which is 385 feet high, impounds four rivers, and the discharge becomes the Keowee River arm of Lake Keowee. 

Lake Jocassee is one of the most scenic lakes in South Carolina.  Surrounded by mountains on all sides, Lake Jocassee takes on a pristine mountain vista suitable for an artist’s painting.  Jocassee weaves a tapestry of mountainous beauty with its crystal clear water, surrounding forests, sheer rock cliffs, and sandy white beaches.  With little development on its shore, the forest surrounding Lake Jocassee is abundant with a variety of wildlife and plant-life.  Eagles, bears, beavers, and many other animals make Jocassee their home. In addition, the waters of Jocassee are teeming with several species of trout, bass and catfish.  The wonder and awe inspired by this lake keeps visitors returning here by the thousands.  Consequently, Lake Jocassee is one the most popular lakes in the Upstate of South Carolina. 

Major Highway Access  130 * Scenic Highway 11
Size  7,565 Acres
Full Pool Elevation  1,110 Feet Above MSL
Shoreline  75 Miles
Dam Height  385
Dam Length  1,750 Feet 
Dam Completion  1973
Length 8 Miles
Maximum Depth  326 Feet (SCDHEC)
Mean Depth  157.7 Feet

Lake Greenwood
Lake Greenwood is located on the Saluda and Reedy Rivers.   It was built in the 1930's by Greenwood County and is one of South Carolinas most popular lakes.  The lake is owned by Greenwood County and was leased to Duke Power Company in 1966.   Lake Greenwood is located in three counties of South Carolina:  Greenwood, Laurens, and Newberry.  This reservoir has an excellent bass and crappie fishery.  Greenwood also offers a good population of striped bass, and the perfect place to catch them is below the dam.  Duke Power has provided several boat ramps below the dam on both sides of the river and paved parking areas.    

Size  11,400 Acres
Length   20 Miles
Shoreline 212 Miles
Full Poll Elevation  440 FT. MSL
Maximum Depth  69.3 Feet (SCDHEC)
Mean Depth 21.8 ft Feet (SCDHEC)

Lake Keowee - 18,500 Acres          
Keowee impounds two rivers, Little River and Keowee River.  Warpath Dam impounds the Keowee River and the other dam near Seneca impounds the Little River. Duke Power Company owns and operates this lake for a cooling reservoir for the Nuclear Station located at Warpath Dam.  In addition to having a power generating plant, the Duke Power provides many public access areas to the lake.   These areas include picnic facilities and boat ramps. For lake living, this lake is one on the best in the state of South Carolina. Lake property can be found here in abundance.  

Major Highway Access  183 * 130 * 11
Length  15 Miles
Lake Size  18,500 Acres
Shoreline 300 Miles
Dam Completion  1971
Project Management  Duke Power Company
Maximum Depth  297 Feet (SCDHEC)
Mean Depth 54 Feet (SCDHEC)
Full Pond Elevation  800 Feet above M.S.L.

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